Dear Netters/Dr.Thaththuva rayar,

 Here is an article that I fished out of the web. This is
of old Celtic traits. It will be  of particular interest  to Dr. Loganathan.



: Celtic Metaphysics
 From: GWYNNE S                                .

     We have been inundated with a collapsing of forces which guide us and keep us grounded on this planet,
however, we never truly understand what is happening to us because all is so new and theories are just now
popping up right and left.  Old psychologies are left wanting because the antiquated paradigms no longer work
when discussing or analyzing the current here and now infusions of energies.  My dreams have been replete
with constant energy analysis and symbolic information which I now am trying to put into a new languaging
format, hoping to also be able to help a few people make some sense of what is happening.  My mental
constructs are made up of astrological information which includes new and innovative thinking regarding
asteroids, also great thinkers such as Murray Stein author of SOLAR CONSCIENCE, LUNAR
CONSCIENCE, Daniel Jacob, author of RECONNECTIONS, and the holistic thinking of Fritz Perls Gestalt
theory.  This melting pot of information has combined with the information I am being infused with to provide
me with some new thoughts to ponder.  Even though I am writing them down now, I certainly do not feel they
are well thought out, and my languaging feels quite clumsy, however the need to write and express myself is
akin to letting the air out of a balloon about ready to burst.  I plan to write extensively on some of the principles
I am pondering in this post, but for now, this is an encapsulated version of what is happening in my
connection to universal thought patterns now.

    The collective conscience is made up of both solar/father/god/theos and lunar/mother/goddess/chaos. We are undergoing a reconstruction of our mental constructs which develop a new CONSCIENCE NESS...rather than
new consciousness. When we are borne into the earth’s magnetic field, we enter a lunar matrix of memory,
coming from the SOUL ARE memory..or shall we call it the solar memory?  When we leave/die the earth’s
magnetic field we reconnect fully to the universal oneness/wholeness/all mind, bringing with it all the energies of the earthbound lessons, and relationships/connections to others. As we ascend we take all of our
constructs and connections with us AS ONE. We arrive AS ONE and we leave AS ONE, we just bring more
consciousness of the CONSCIENCE oneness into our energies everytime we traverse here and yonder in the
galaxies.  At the time of birth we enter the womb/mother/matrix of energy which is only common here on
earth and take on the additional perceptions of the mother as it permeates our life force. Our life force carries
with it all the planetary/asteroid configurations we have mastered in the past and we are given another chance
to develop even more CONNECTION and response ability to our oneness...We have no polarities or duality in
the Solar consciousness until we come into this magnetic field. At the time we enter this field, we are zapped
with the tension of opposing solar/lunar forces and must then strive throughout our earth life to maintain our
connection to our one self.

    Learning to adapt to convergent energies and not lose one’s identity, has been a challenge, especially with
those of us who want to keep our boundaries in place.  It is much like a friend told me “even though we are on
opposite sides of the room, the floor is folding in the middle and we are collapsing into one another.”  That is
how the energies feel when trying to define a boundary, or drawing a line in the sand (no such luck!).
At this point our boundaries are dependent on our external environment and the demands or connections to
others, in relationships, intimate as well as friendships and business companions. We are inclusive of others
rather than exclusive and that creates a diffusion of what we use to know as a  boundary”.  With this phenomena in place, we have literally done away with clear separation, duality and polarity.

The collapsing of energies which has occurred is not an ideal merge.  Ithas an imprisoned quality to the feel of
it.  Therefore, it feels as if we are being forced at times rather than joined to others by choice.  We carry others
energies and possibly abduct those energies much like we accuse UFO’s of abducting us.  It is the strength of
our magnetic field of power that can attract these alien energies.  Once we pull these energies into us, we are
susceptible to external hierarchies from theosian realms as well as those of chaos.  We see, repeatedly, the results of the external universes of theos being pulled in through the earth energy of the kundalini, coming in through the coccyx , and lower spine.

The sexual dilemmas we are facing in relationships, are a result of intense kundalini type energy being infused
into us at spaced intervals. (This may account for the rise in so many mood disorders.) We are in a quandary as
to how to adapt safely to the excitement and intensity, especially while trying to carry on a somewhat healthy
intimate relationship with another being. Creating an openness for a merge into oneness is giving us cause to
question the old paradigms of monogamy and singular relationships with the opposite sex as well as
homosexual, bisexual connections.  We are truly moving toward sexual androgyny, merging within the oneself.

Sexual boundaries are as tenuous and diffused as are our ego boundaries at this point in time.  Our bodies are
tingling with anticipation of the ultimate spiritual sexual union, however hat union is the “calling” for merge
into oneness, the ultimate universal orgasm.  There is no single individual who can satiate that need in us but
rather it is our openness to the infusion of all souls into one which will give us this heightened sensory
experience. In the near future, we will feel this as a sort of sustained nirvana.

    Theos and Chaos have long grappled with the intertwining of the two Kundalini serpents, one being
solar/theosian, the other being lunar/chaosian.  As a female who epitomizes earth and chaosian energies, I have
learned to wrap my language around the medium of the “staff” (form) and embrace the theosian serpent,
endeavoring to form a bridge of spiritual guidance.  This forms our caddeuces of healing and the manifestation
of sexual/mental/spiritual healing that takes place when all one is embraced, having no separation, no
perception of a dual existence.  The only remaining factors to be dealt with are how the new “consciences”,
solar and lunar, will be developed for further reconnection to consciousness.  The lunar chaosian energies of our mother earth are seducing the hierarchy of solar theos, trying to abduct Theos away from His separation, pulling Him into a merge.  No whiley methods need to be used as Mr. Theos has longed to be a part of this dance.  In mythology, Father Sky, Uranus, comes to Mother Earth, Gaea, to create mortals on earth; the solar comes to the lunar. Theos comes to Chaos.  She neither seduces Him to come to Her, nor does She endeavor to enjoy her position as the bearer of the
gods.  Actually, today’s psychology tends to create this same type of lunar conscience in our culture.  The female
conscience will often feel overtaken (raped) by the male conscience, allowing the She self to be overwhelmed
with the He, or logical side of theos self, rather than meld into the oneness that exists in the balance of these
two seemingly opposing forces.  The earth, Gaea, the She is trembling at all of Her openings, realizing that He
is coming TO her, IN her, FOR Her and truly merging as ONE with Her.  We can feel this force working in us as we look around, intense shaking of the planet, intense weather (mood changes) deluges of water (feeling), raging fires (spirit).  Theos is speaking to us and literally shaking us into realizations and E-Merge-And-See-He so that we will collapse into our own energy of acceptance.