World Saiva Conferences Organised by World Saiva Council

6th World Saiva Conference 1998 - South India

WSC Executive Council Meeting in the Tamil University

Participants of the conference

Saivamani Sellapa from Sri Lanka being honoured with 'Ponnadai'

The World Saiva flag being hoisted at the beginning of the conference

The foreign delegates in front of the great temple of temple

Meeting with the Indian branch of WSC in the home of Mr.Ramalingam, Chennai.

Temple tour for foreign delegates under the guidance of Peroor Atheenam and Uoran Adikal

The Adheenams on the dais during the conference

The great temple in tanjoore built by Raja raja cholan

Dr.K.Loganathan being congratulated by a number of Indian delegates



4th World Saiva Conference 1996 - Sri Lanka

The swamijees being given 'patha pooja' by some devotees

Prizes for children who won the contests

Dr.K.Loganathan delivering his paper

Some of the key speakers

Mr.K.Thayaparan (Sri Lanka WSC branch chairman) with Adikalar and others

The Adheenams with the members of Tamil Sangam of Colombo

Adikalar Dr.Loga, Ms.Suba and Mr.Krishnan ( Singapore)

The Adheenams and others in the reception given at the Sri Kaliamman Temple in Colombo

The foreign delegates on a tour to Kandy

Some delegates at the buddhist temple in Kandy




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