Other Events Organised by Malaysia Saiva Council
Sivalinga Worship (Sivalinga Poojai) February 1998 - Monthly event

the participants listening to a discourse on the meaning of Sivalinga pooja.

The participants Performing the pooja following the lead provided by the master of ceremony

Mr.Carl Vadivela Belle of Australia commenting on the pooja as a special guest.

Basic Saivism Class for Youths (February 1998) - Monthly event

Mr.Somasundaram ( the secretary of MSC) welcoming the participants.

Mr.Bala ( Course coordinator) outlining the essence of the course. 

Ms.Suba conducting the lesson.

The participants in rapt attention. 

Malaysia Saiva Council yearly get-to-gather (December 1997) - Yearly Event

The youths listening to humorous stories.

Preparing the food.

The fiesting on the way.

Fun games.

Temple Tour (November 1997) - Yearly Event

Dr.K.Loga explaining the meaning of images install in the temple.

Children singing 'Thevaram' hymns.

Fun games in the botanical garden.

The trip on the bus.


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