Malaysia Saiva Council Seminars
Special Seminar on Saivism "Saiva way of life" (March 1998)

Dr.K.Loganathan outlining the fundamentals of Saivism

Part of the participants from Padang Serai of Kedah, Malaysia.

Group discussion on the way

One of the group leader presenting the report.


Saivism and Family Life (July 1997)

Swami Premanandha of kulim, Malaysia giving the key note address

Part of the participants

Group discussion on the way

Dr.Rohana Ariffin being given souvenir by MSC president, Dr.K.Loganathan.


Siddhar Jnana Poojai (March 1997)

Swami Sivarajayogi Athimoolanar with his wife and Dr K.Loganathan with Suba. 

The participants listening attentively to papers being presented.

Demonstration on Sivayoga by Sivarajayogi.

Inaugural address by Sivarajayogi Athimoolanar from Klang, Malaysia


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