The last few years have seen considerable active thinking and rethinking among Saiva scholars about the fundamentals of Saiva Siddhanta. Many inquiries have been made and many interesting monographs and books have been written both in English and Tamil. But most of them remain unpublished or published in journals that are not widely circulated.

In order to make available these studies to Saivites now scattered all over the world we have started this Home Page as another one of the activities of SIVAJNANA NILAYAM that's working actively to promote new developments in Saiva Siddhanta and philosophic thinking among Tamils

These monographs and books will touch upon such topics as Epistemology, Saiva Psychology, Pedagogic Hermeneutics, Hermeneutic Semiotics, the History of Dravidian Philosophy, exegetical studies of the Thevarath ThirumuRai , the canonical texts of Saivism, the philosophy of Temple Architecture, Iconography and many other related fields.


List of Monographs

1.Inner Radiance and the Growth of Tamil Mystic Literature from Sumerian Times

-By Dr.K.Loganathan (Uploaded on 17/03/1998)

2. Me and my shadow

- By Mr.Michael Chua (Uploaded on 15/08/1998)

3.[ áŢ Ȣ ġ ]History of Dravidian Philosophy(in Tamil)

- By Dr.K.Loganathan (Uploaded on 21/1/1999)

4.[ Ţ]Metaphysical Poetry

- By Dr.K.Loganathan(Uploaded on 31/01/1999)

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