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What is Thamil Innaiyam?
Bala Pillai   <bala@tamil.net>
Interim Chairman Thamil Innaiyam

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Thamil Innaiyam, the first active global Tamil society in history, commenced operations in March 1996 after foundation-laying work for it began in 1995. Just as the human nervous system, brain included, converges the activities of the different organs of the body, Thamil Innaiyam is the nervous system that brings global Tamil minds together to DO revolutionary
work for Tamildom.
It uses the Internet as a logistics, pre-logistics and post-logistics
chariot to forge Tamil consensus. It reduces inaction and misaction due to confusion.
When used, it eliminates individual and societal paralysis caused by confusion.
With consultation, it pioneers and leads.

It leads in the separation of wheat from chaff. It cuts down on human energy waste caused by ill-thought-out or no-thought- initiatives. It treats the logic and reason driven collective human mind as far more supreme, than emotive or Copernican "flat-earth" herd instinct behaviour -- animal behaviour that fuels generations of wasted human endeavour. It targets a new millenia Tamil consciousness.

It has no symphathy for those who chide the messenger because they don't like the message. It loathes those who go for the man rather than the ball. It takes the risk with those who cannot separate the two. It is not a populist forum. It is a Tamil-strengthener. It has learnt from naturethat hard hits are often necessary to strengthen, to speed up and awaken the metal of Tamils. Thamil Innaiyam boldly creates the laser beams of well-thought out directions that are the life-force for Tamildom excellence. Thamil Innaiyam refuses to pander to any lesser goal,
as it moulds the new core seed for Tamildom re-germination.

It systematically focuses on opinion leader minds and dedicated symphathetic  (as contrasted with apathetic) Tamils and leverages them in leading a Tamil Renaissance - the same modus operandi that has been used in *all* revolutionary change in history.

Making history with historically proven methods.

[Please print and place in a prominent position in your room. Now! Nandri.]
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p.s. To make history, join Thamil Innaiyam by sending a blank
       message to tamil-subscribe@tamil.net