Of Taminglish,translations and by products of coconut oil extraction.............

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Subject: [tamil] Of Taminglish,translations and by products of coconut oil extraction..............

Anbulla Innaiyam Nanbargale, anbarntha Ethirigale

Of Taminglish,translations and
by products of coconut oil extraction.............(1).

A language flourishes naturally as the number of people who devote their energies working in various fields come to express themselves. New words and modes of expression come to usage and is inevitably picked up and filters down to all levels. Computer Technology is a good example. This does happen when the society is  engaged in fruitful ventures, which have a purpose beyond commercial interests, though it may have commercialism too. As a general rule politicians of western countries do not "devote their soul" to their languages. Nor do we hear of Uyarvu Navirchy like "Uyar Thamizh, Inn Thamizh, Then Thamizh and in more recent times Panni Thamizh" - adjectives loaded with emotional overtones, for other languages. But the way they operate and their system works enriches these languages, which are unfortunately bereft of any divine protection, unlike Thamizh. Few Englishmen might bemoan about cockney english or pidgin english, but without much emotion. When it comes to Tamil it is all lightning and thunder alas, with no rain. It is all "Ponnadai", "Arachy Thirappu vizha" and photos with CM.

It is good to bench mark occasionally with other societies. Notwithstanding all the colonial hangover we have about them, we could still look at these things, I suppose. I am merely pondering, I am not saying we are wrong and they are right. Is it because they have a nation which fulfils a psychic function and we dont have it.  We have a deep complex, as the result of four centuries of foriegn domination, which we are trying to overcome. in Many ways. This is not an easy process, but we have to go through. I am talking collectively, not individually.

The translation of some words in Innaiyam, reminds me of a relevent point. When I was young and eager, I along with some friends (Late poet R Murugaiyan) thought of science in Tamil is the key. I was commissioned by Official Languages department to Translate "Principles of Electrical Engineering" or some such book  by Cotton, a venerable textbook of early 20th Century. My friends were translating S L Loneys Maths books of 1880 vintage. I had to find words, which I did as best I could. The department had excellent glossary for physics and maths but did not have engineeering terms. After two years of toil, when nearly finished, the book was superceeded by another book and Cotton did not get printed. This is a real problem. This made me realise translation alone is not enough. People must work in the field and express in Tamil.

 The person who is at the front end is invested with power to use equivalent words. Though this may not be the best. But that is how it works. Therefore the notes on translations, if they are to be of anyuse should reach the front end users, who are empowered to circulate them. If somebody opens a link with some organizations, in this allied field, it may be useful. Otherwise it is only a good pastime, which is Ok in its own way. There was a suggestion by Ramanitharan, in his posting he mentions about small magazines, that are out of commercial stream. These are run by enthusiasts who are committed.Kalachuvadu, Kannaiyazhi are two more prominent ones but there are hordes of others languishing. These have potential. Sponsoring them and opening a dialog with suitable ones (one has to a bit selective, there is rubbish as well) would ensure that some ideas of Innaiyam are carried into usage. These magazines are underrated but they permeate even the commercial medium in ways we dont know. Their influence is subltle but sure. A link with grass root level can be very productive, if the Innaiyam translators are keen, that is. Ramanitharan could perhaps give a list for their use.

When we say about Taminglish, we say this from a certain standpoint. This stand point assumes quite a lot. That Tamil should be used in such and such way etc. In this detail each may differ, but there seems to be a commanality in "looking down" on Taminglish. Is this a stance, or are we serious?. It is a mental trait that having been exposed to English speaking societies for most part of working life, mind cannot revert easily. About how Taminglish propagates in Tamil Nadu is another issue. From Arumuga Navalar days (who himself was a noted translator), till now we hear "Aiyako Thamizhe yarkku Eduththu Uraipen.." but movement persists.

I will switch to Tamil once I get a few things sorted out.

Anbudan but without Vampudan


Anbulla Innaiyam Nanbargale, anbarntha Ethirigale

Of Taminglish,translations and
by products of coconut oil extraction.............(2).

I was pondering on the qusetion of Why is that after investing so much of emotion and time on "Tamil" we get such modest results?
If we consider the political rhetoric (over fifty long years), the endless proclamations of artists and writers, Tamil should have been a very advanced language by now. Part of the reason appears to be in the glib use of "cliches". No other Language has undertones of cliches like Tamil. The katha kaladchepams, politics, the media of cinema magazines all resort to this and what is more immensely succesful. Does this lie in the structure of the language or the way it has been used and is now used. Does it denote that we live superfically by cliches. If this satisfying, then that is what we want.I am not aware of any other language, where you appeal to the language itself as a person " Oh Tamil where art thou, from the great Sangam etc etc..." or symbolizing Tamil as "AnNangu beautiful Lady" "Mother". As a stylysed literary form, I understand, but when it is hammered down in everyday living, the relevance is wholly lost, on me atleast.The number of adjectives to the language are countless. "Oongu, Valar, Muth". No doubt we are emotive about Tamil. I can see that streak of emotion in me. Why this is so is another question for another time.

How does this kind of usage perpetuated by politicians and media go along with ordinary communication. Is this the reason why common man has instinctively rejected Tamil words and use English words for  more down to earth meaningful (or at least what he thinks of ) dialogue.Has the average Tamilian, bundled the language as "something classical and good, with all clever birds, the saints and sages involved", but "not for my purpose" he seems to say "Let us make a manipravalam for our use". Notwithsatnding the praises for Tamil, ordinary man sees that english is still an elitistic one and hence the attraction in borrowing a few words. He is being creative in his own way. We can call it as panni Thamizh. But perhaps this is how languages change, after social stagnation. One of the things about Chennai Tamil is that no one sits around (they have no time) and makes it. It is made in autostands buses, that is on the run. It is made by ordinary folks as their own vocabulary and idiom.They didnot do it with malicious intent. They found deficiency in the Tamil ( as they knew) for what is their need. The social barrier that exist for this strata, is also responsible for the dialect.You see, the languages dont flourish in universities in isolation, when the people are weighed down by socio economic pressures. The slums, bazzars and construction sites are multi lingual places. In a flight of fancy, if some one were to ask, why is that in Maharastra you are kicked, if you use Tamil words in Marathi lingo, I wouldnt have a clue. An excerpt from a posting in Tamil Nation is given below:-

I said earlier about having to ask deep questions. The sources of culture in Tamil Nadu is drying out. The scene in both Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu are dismal in their own ways. After four decades of Dravidian parties' rule, at last we have arrived. A peculiar Dravidian brand of irrationality ( this is a subset of verbal Rationalism) and superstition has been permanently enthroned. This is deep rooted and is reflected in the style of governance and internal party rivalries. These are feudal to the core.
The words and terms used in the governing process are not only pre colonial semantically but by repeated process of party rituals (Perani, Mahanadu),and by the public behaviour of leaders and followers, these words have acquired a meaning. The meaning is unambiguously feudal. These have been re-enacted and elaborated publicly to give substance to the style of the governing process. This goes far beyond the use of Tamil as an official language- which is understandable. It is difficult to distinguish between political machinery and state bureaucratic machinery. It is seamless. The IPS IAS are now fully integrated into the governing Party's system. The only hope is that not only middle class but traditional vote banks (poor) now watch helplessly (instead of enthusiastic participation of golden years) as the parties make the entire Tamil Nadu a playground to enact their party rituals ( Thoranam Valaivu, Perani). The time has come for us to think on our 'own'. Seeing what is happening in Tamil Nadu, my perception of Tamil culture has changed. The situation makes one to 'unbelieve' everything we think of as sublime in Tamil culture.

What is the Significance of Tamil net in the social context ? Why is caste issue has become important?

I could go on with my rambling.


For better or for worse, I remain your cyber friend


Subject: [tamil] Of Taminglish,translations and ..(3)

Anbulla Innaiyam Nanbargale, anbarntha Ethirigale

Of Taminglish,translations and
by products of coconut oil extraction.............(3).

The evolution of Tamil in modern times as conditioned by the environment is what I was looking in the last posting. This evolution seems to me as a necessary factor for growth of any language. What is more, it is required for our daily functioning.  I am looking at a simple situation. Say, If I want to advice my children, I cannot and should not use a grammatically pure Tamil, nor could I use the cinema dialogue mode. It would be disastrous. It would be understood in the opposite way. To assume gravity, I have to move into a vocabulary and idiom intimate to the family. The "other Tamil" has been made artificial in political platforms and in cinema, I would shy away from it. Artificial in the sense "made flowery, flabby " over the years into cliches.

Cliches are just good sentiments, which are not ( and by the same token generally unsuitable) for daily life. This is the meaning we have all worked into Tamil by connivance(applause, mindless watching of cinemas), for five decades. Thirukural by popularisation has now reached the level of cliches, like katha kaldchepams. By publicly holding something unapproachably high, but with no intentions to follow (it is so high, how does one follow? is the underlying logic) , we have done this to the language and to the value system. Few brainy ones realise this and as a reaction,  write terse vasana kavidhi or verse libre, which soon becomes another cliche as they succeed. Righteous indignation soon peters out. In this untenable position we are left with our pidgin lingo for anything serious or meaningful. We have a large crediblity gap between what is sublime in Tamil and where we are. We fill this in many ways. But let me move on.

The postings are a layman's way of arranging facts, for clarifying things primarily to myself. It would be oversimplification at times but how I perceive these facts as I see, is more important to me than theories and information. But also I realise that I should not go far off the mark, which would be a flight of fancy, and unfair.

One thing that was prowling in my consciousness while I was in Tamil Nadu last year, is the caste violence of unprecedented ( as compared to say 10 years earlier) scale. Also in this period of time, there were a series of custodial deaths in police stations ( all victims were on the threshold of lower income group), so much so it made public furious. Big PR machinery was rolled out to whitewash police image. What affected me most was the suicide of a young wife, after she was taken to custody (in mid night) and realised in the early hours of the morning. This was all in relation to the alleged theft by her husband (who was picked up earlier  beaten and was still in custody when the girl was brought in)  workplace. The sum involved is a few thousand rupees. This happened I think in Chindaripet under judistriction of one of the AnnaNagar " Kottams".  girls name could be Chitra. She left a suicide note that she was molested. The note itself written in uneducated Tamil was profoundly simple and moving. The case would have been squashed but the entire semi slum people gharoed the police and were about to raze the police station to the ground when higher ups woke up. Even CM has to chip in. The young man was hospitalised, but photos showed him still chained to the bed. This  brought in another furore of  protests. The point is the only initial protection was from the residents of the community. Thereafter, a women's rights organisation and some lawyers ( good souls ) took charge.

This was only one incident out of many custodial torture allegations, and few deaths. Today the ordinary people, have to face hordes of problems in just daily living. Most of this is with a bureaucracy that is corrupt, with police, and Mafia - and this is a nexus. The only protection these people now have is a group affinity. If it is fellow slum dwellers in city, it is caste in villages. The stories of caste clashes could start with liquor auctions, women molestation, strikes in Tea plantation anything. But underlying theme is the affected group has always mustered a defence. This was inevitably organised through their caste. It is I think more than just defence. The faceless and anonymous need to have some psychological support, an identity, which they can relate to in times of trouble, in good times. This identity is needed to face the alien world. This perhaps is the reason for flourishing Rasikar manrams. Some identity however, ridiculous (from our point of view) is a need and  to satisfy the need they exist. This is how people generally  relate to the world, -  that is to, cajol concessions from politicians and govt machinary. Police donot dare to overact on Auto drivers or bus drivers for the fear of backlash. I am niether trying to justify or refute these manifestations, but I also realise that they are not waiting for our approval either. We the arm chair critics should tread carefully on just dismissing them. It matters a lot for them. Very likely,  I would be doing the same if I were in their shoes.

We all have some way of identifying ourselves and obtain courage to operate in the world. " I am a software engineer, I work for IBM, I am this or that"- a whole matrix of what we consider as worthwhile attributes, which gives some confidence. What can a counter part human living in slum and without a job have, but then have he must. The self immolation when MGR died points to the fact that how much investment these young men put into the image of MGR. The loss of it, rendered them faceless and empty. What is the real MGR like, is irrelevent here. The formation of new cults is also akin to caste and is the formative stages of castes which is yet to evolve.

 I am being led to believe, that caste in the present socio economic context has re defined it self. It is the last straw for a society that has been deprived of justice. Whatever the source of caste be, Manu or anybody, is only of literary interest. That the caste issue  will be exploited by politicians is obvious. Result is that all suffer. The statement " No man is an Island" is a natural law which states that if fair play is denied, the denial  will hit back in many ways.

The Dravidian movement was a historical necessity. The alternative would have been communism, which perhaps would have been more practical, but that is saying really nothing. The movement I think has stopped growing and widening its horizons. But then these are not easy as it seems. Also inter party rivalries are eating into the time of the leaders. In its present form it has reached a philosophical cul-de sac. In its impotence, it has resorted to putting blame on its favourite hobby horses central govt and on "Brahmanism" for failing to do even things within its purview.

Not that central govt is not a thorn. But "Brahmanism" in today's context is what could at best be termed " as the weight of Tradition". Rather than being associated with any particular caste. If you look at the list of grievances, and also include for scrutiny the style of functioning of Dravidian parties (archic feudal), you have to come to this conclusion. I could go on but I have to be brief as well. There are aspects of tradition which weighs down. But having lived for millenniums, and what is more having fifty years to shout and forty years in power, it is time we share if not all, but some responsiblity. It is a bit odd now  tracing them to one caste and castigating them. It is like they say " like heroically beating down a dead snake". Instead of incrimination, it would be more useful and far more easier to actually change them. Dravidian parties in their early days have done this to some extent. But credit (most of it) goes to EVR who had no use for flowery words, "Onion" was good enough for him. His courage did the rest.

The capacity  to look introspectively is missing in the two dimensional "Pahuth Arivu". When we do "Phauthal", the input of factors to be taken in by the mind for its sorting out matters , otherwise it is semantic excersises.  Introspection is a meditative process- totally missing in the scheme of platform oration. If not from Indian thought process, if we are so allergic to it, these movements could have borrowed from western psychology, Marx etc which would have been logical. Anna borrowed from Ingersol and others.

MS Udayamoorthy and others have tried to fill the gap but these remain at the middle class levels, for individuals to understand themselves. Movements never bothered to infuse any understanding, other than rhetoric.

I hope the relevance of all  this to us (expats or locals) may come I ramble along. We have to really listen to grouses, they are from other worlds, which are in pain. We cant expect an image of 'ideal village' or Tamil Nadu for our holiday consumption. It may disturb our living room cosyness.  More on this later. Atleast I hope I am creating some layer of understanding among netters, but if it is the opposite I will stop. I am keen to get into the satire part like others but I think that I am fulfilling a sense obligation ( to whom I am still toying). Bear with me the harranging. I might make others lighter.

I am grateful for encouragement I recieved for my earlier postings.

Could I go on rambling with What is the role of TamilNet in our context? Some issues of expatriate Tamils



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«ýÒûÇ ­¨½Âõ ¿ñÀ÷¸ÙìÌ Å½ì¸õ

¾Á¢í¸¢ÄÓõ ¾£ó¾Á¢Ø¼ý ¸ÄóÐ ÌÈ¢ôÒì¸û.....(4)

­Ð ±ý ¸ÕòÐ츨Çî À¸¢÷óÐ ¦¸¡ûÇ ±ò¾É¢ìÌõ ¿¡ý¸¡ÅÐ Á¼ø.ÓýÜðʧ ÓÊ׸û ±Î측Áø, ºõÀÅí¸û ±ýÉ¢ø ²üÀÎòÐõ À¡¾¢ôÒ¸¨Ç §¿÷¨Á¡¸ Å¢Çí¸¢ì ¦¸¡ûǧŠ­ó¾ ¯º¡×¾ø - Å¢º¡Ã¨½.­ÅüÈ¢ý °¼¡¸ º¢Ä §¸ûÅ¢¸¨Ç ±ØôÒÅо¡ý §¿¡ì¸õ.§ÁÖõ ÀÄ ­¼í¸Ç¢ø ±Ç¢¨Á Å¡¾õ - over simplification ÀÂýÀÎò¾ô ÀðÊÕì¸Ä¡õ.±ÉÐ «ÛÁ¡Éí¸ÙìÌ ±ð¼¡¾ ÀÄ ­¨¼ ¦ÅÇ¢¸Ùõ ­Õì¸Ä¡õ. ÀðÊÁýÈ Å¢Å¡¾í¸û §À¡ýÚ º¢Ä Å¢ºÂí¸¨Ç «Ï¸ ÓÊ¡Ð. ­Åü¨È «ÄÍžüÌ Ó¾Ä¢ø ´Õ ¸ðÎì §¸¡ôÀ¡É À¢ýɽ¢-¾Çõ §¾¨Å ±É ¿¢¨É츢§Èý. ­ýÛõ µÃ¢Õ Á¼ø¸Ç¢ø ÓÊòРŢθ¢§Èý. «ÐŨà Á¸¡ºÉí¸û ¸Ê¨Â ¦À¡ÚòÐì ¦¸¡ûÇ×õ.
­ó¾ Ñ¡üÈ¡ñÊø À¡Ã¢Â «Ãº¢Âø ÁüÚõ ¦À¡ÕÇ¡¾¡Ã Á¡üÈí¸û ¾Á¢Æ÷ Áò¾¢Â¢ø ²üÀðÎÅ¢ð¼É. §Áý §ÁÖõ Á¡üÈ «¨Ä¸Ç¡ø, ¦¾¡¼÷óÐ ¾¡ì¸í¸û Óü§À¡ì¸ô Àθ¢ýÈÉ. ­¾É¡ø ÀÄ Ò¾¢Â ºÓ¾¡Âî º¢ì¸ø¸û ¯ÕÅ¡¸¢ ÒÂÄ¢ý ¸ñ¸Ç¡¸ ¬í¸¡í§¸ ¦ÅÊò¾ Åñ½Á¢Õ츢ýÈÉ.ÒÈ/«¸ Å¡ú¨¸ ӨȸǢø (¿¼ò¨¾¸Ç¢ø)À¡ÃСÃÁ¡É Á¡üÈí¸û ¿¢¸úó¾ Åñ½Á¢Õ츢ýÈÉ. ¬É¡ø  «¨Å (¿¼ò¨¾ Á¡üÈí¸û, ¦ÀÚÁ¡Éí¸Ç¢ø Á¡üÈõ - Values ) ±í¸û ¸Õò¾¢ýÈ¢§Â «É¢î¨ºÂ¡¸ ¯ðÒÌóРŢθ¢ýÈÉ. ­ÅüÈ¢ý ¾¡ì¸í¸¨Ç ºÃ¢Â¡¸ ¯½÷óÐ «Åü¨È ­Éí¸ñÎ §¿÷ò¾¢Â¡¸î ¦º¡øÖõ ¾¸¨Á¨Â ¿¡í¸û ¾Á¢ú ¦Á¡Æ¢ìÌ ÅÆí¸Å¢ø¨Ä. Á¡üÈí¸û ¿¢¸Øõ ¦À¡ØÐ «ÅüÈ¢ý ¾ý¨Á¸¨Ç «ÛÁ¡É¢ìÌõ ´Õ ¯û§¿¡ìÌ ±í¸¨Ç Å¢ðÎ Á¨ÈóРŢð¼Ð¾¡ý ­¾üÌì ¸¡Ã½õ ±ÉÄ¡Á¡? ¦Á¡Æ¢¨ÂÔõ §ÁŢ ºí¸¾¢Â¡¸§Å ­Ð ¦¾Ã¢¸¢ÈÐ.ÀÄ «Øò¾í¸Ç¢ý Áò¾¢Â¢ø Å¡úž¡ø «Ð§Å ÀÆì¸Á¡¸¢ ­¨Å ­ôÀÊ «Øòи¢ýÈÉ ±ýÀ¨¾§Â ÁÈóРŢθ¢§È¡§Á¡ ±ýɧš? ÀÄ ¾Á¢ú ¿¡Åø¸Ç¢ø º¢Ú¸¨¾¸Ç¢ø ­¨Å Á¢¸ ¿ýÈ¡¸ ¨¸ÂÇ¡Çô Àð¼¡Öõ, «ÅüÈ¢ý ÀÃÅÄ¡É ¾¡ì¸õ ¯½Ãô À¼Å¢ø¨Ä.

 ±Ç¢¨Á¡¸ ¸ÕòÐìÌ «Øò¾õ ¦¸¡ÎòÐ §ÀÍÅÐ ²ý ±ØÐÅÐܼì ̨È×.­ô À¡ÃõÀâÂí¸¨Ç ¾Á¢ú ­ÆóÐ ÀÄ ¸¡ÄÁ¡¸¢ Å¢ð¼Ð. ¦À¡ÐÅ¡¸§Å ±øÄ¡§Á Á¢¨¸ôÀÎò¾ô Àθ¢ýÈÉ, ÁÄ¢Éô ÀÎò¾ô Àθ¢ýÈÉ.¦º¡øÅó¾ Å¢ºÂò¨¾, «ó¾ ¦À¡ÕÇ¢ø ¦À¡¾¢ó¾ ÑÏì¸í¸û º¢¨¾×Úõ Åñ½õ «ÊòÐî ¦º¡øÖõ ´Õ ÁÃÒ µí¸¢Â¢Õ츢Ⱦ¡? «À¢ôÀáÂí¸û, ¾¸Åø¸¨Ç ­¼ô ¦ÀÂ÷ ¦ºöÐ «Åü¨È  ­Ãñ¼Èì ¸ÄóÐ ¦ºö¾¢¸û ¦ÅǢ¢Îõ °¼¸í¸û, Òò¾õ Ò¾¢Â Å¢§¿¡¾Á¡É "°÷ ºõÀ¢Ã¾¡Âí¸¨Ç" ¯Õš츢 ÅÕõ º¢É¢Á¡,«òмý ÅüÈ¡¾ §Á¨¼ô §ÀîÍì¸û ¿¢¨Èó¾ ¾Á¢ú ÜÚõ ¿øÖ¸õ!.­¨Å¦ÂøÄ¡õ ´Õ À¡ÃõÀâÂÁ¡¸§Å §ÅåýȢ¡¢üÚ.«¾¡ÅÐ «¨ÁôҸǢý ¸Ä¡îº¡ÃÁ¡¸¢Å¢Î¸¢È§¾¡? ­ò ¦¾Ç¢Å¢ý¨Á ±ÁÐ º¢ó¾¨É §Â¡ð¼ò¾¢ÖûÇ ÌÆôÀí¸Ç¢ý Å¢¨Ç×¾¡ý ±ýÈ ³Âõ ±Ø¸¢ÈÐ. ÍÕí¸ì ÜÈ¢ý ¾Á¢ú "¿õÀ¸ò¾ý¨Á¨Â" ­ÆóÐ ÅÕ¸¢È¾¡? ±ýÈ §¸ûÅ¢ ±Ø¸¢ýÈÐ.( ­Ð ÀüÈ¢ Óý Á¼ø¸Ç¢ø º¢Ä ÌÈ¢ôÒ¸û ÜȢ¢Õó§¾ý.) ­¾ý ¸¡Ã½Á¡¸§Å «ÅÃÅ÷ §¾¨Åì §¸üÀ ¦Á¡Æ¢ À¢Èú ÔÚ¸¢È¾¡?.µÃÇ× ¦Á¡Æ¢ô À¢Èú× ­ÂøÀ¡É§¾ ¬Â¢Ûõ, ¾Á¢Æ¢ø ­Ð Á¢¨¸Â¡¸ ¿¨¼¦ÀÚ¸¢È¾¡? ­¨¼¦ÅÇ¢ ¦¸¡ÎòÐî º¢ó¾¢ì¸§ÅñÊ ŢºÂõ.

¾Á¢¨Æô ÀüÈ¢§Â ¾Á¢ú ¿¢¨ÈÂì ÜÚõ ¾¢È¨Á¨Âô ¦ÀüÚÅ¢ð¼Ð.¬í¸¢Ä¾¢ø ÁÕòÐÅõ Á§É¡Å¢Âø, ¸½¢É¢/¸½É¢/¸½¢ô ¦À¡È¢ ¬¸¢ÂÅüÚ¼ý ¦¾¡¼÷À¡É ¦º¡ü¸¨Ç ¦À¡ÐÁì¸û ¦ºõ¨Á¡¸ ¦À¡Õû Å¢Çí¸¢ «ýÈ¡¼ À¡Å¨É¢ø ¦¸¡ñÎ ÅóÐÅ¢ð¼¡÷¸û. ­ôÀÊÂ¡É §À¡ìÌ ±øÄ¡ò ШȸÙì̧Á ²üÀðÎ ¬í¸¢Äõ ÅÇÓüÚ ÅÕ¸¢ÈÐ. ­¾É¡ø Å¡ú¨¸ ÀüȢ ¦¾Ç¢×, À¢Ãɸ¨Ç Óý¨ÅòÐ ¾£÷׸¡Ïõ ¯Çô À¡íÌ º¡¾¡Ã½ÛìÌõ ¸¢ðÊ Å¢ð¼Ð ±ÉÄ¡õ.À¢Ãɸ¨Ç ´Õ ¯Â÷ Áð¼ò¾¢ø ¦¸¡ñÎ ¦ºøÖõ ¾¢Èý ÁðÎÁøÄ, «ôÀÊ¡¸î º¢ó¾¢ìÌõ ¦À¡ØÐ, §ÁÖõ «Ð ¦¾¡¼÷À¡¸ò §¾¨ÅÂ¡É «¾¢¸ «È¢¨Åìܼ «Å÷¸û ­ÄÌÅ¡¸ô ¦ÀüÚ Å¢Î¸¢È¡÷¸û ­Ð ´ÕŨ¸ ÁÉ ¬Ù¨Á.ÀÊôÀÊ¡¸ §Áü¸ò¾¢Â Áì¸ÙìÌ ÀÃÅÄ¡É «È¢× «Å÷¸û ¨¸¸Ç¢ø ºì¾¢¨Â ¦¸¡ÎòÐÅ¢ð¼Ð - empowerment of the people.

¬í¸¢Äò¾¢ø º¢ó¾¢ôÀÐ ­ý¨È ¿¢¨Ä¢ø  (¦¾¡Æ¢øÑðÀ ÝÆÄ¢ø) ¾Å¢÷ì¸ ÓÊ¡¾ ÁÉî ¦ºÂüÀ¡Î §À¡Äò ¾¡ý ¦¾Ã¢¸¢ÈÐ.­øÄ¡Å¢ð¼¡ø Ó¾ø «Ê¢§Ä§Â ÁÉò¾¨¼ ²ü¼Ä¡õ.¬í¸¢Ä ¦Á¡Æ¢ ÅÆ츢ÖûÇ ¸ðÎôÀ¡¼¡É, ¾¢Õò¾Á¡¸ ¦º¡øÖõ ¾ý¨ÁìÌõ ¾Á¢ú ¦Á¡Æ¢Â¢ý ¦À¡ÐõÀø ÅÆ츢üÌõ ¯ûÇ ­¨¼¦ÅÇ¢¾¡ý ±í¸¨Ç ¾Á¢í¸¢Äõ §Àº ÅüÒÚòи¢È¾¡?

«Ãº¢Âø ºã¸Å¢Âø ¬¸¢Â ¦À¡Ð Áì¸û ¦¾¡¼÷À¡É Ó¸¡¨Áò Шȸû ÀüȢ ¦¸¡û¨¸¸û ¾òÐÅí¸û «ÛÀÅí¸ûܼ  ¾Á¢Æ¢ø ¸¢¨¼ôÀÐ «Õ¨Á. ­ó¾ ÀÃó¾ «È¢Å¢ý ¾ÇÁ¢ýÈ¢ ´Õ ¿¡ð¨¼ ÀáÁâôÀ¾¢ø ±Øõ º¢ì¸ø¸û ­Ú¾¢Â¢ø Áì¸û ¾¨Ä¢§Ä§Â Ţʸ¢ÈÐ.­ó¾ «È¢× ­¨¼¦ÅÇ¢¸¨Ç ÓÊó¾ÇÅ¢ø ¾É¢ôÀð¼ ӨȢø ¿¢ÃÅ¢î ºÁ¡Ç¢ì¸¢§È¡õ ±ýÚ Óý Á¼Ä¢ø ÌÈ¢ôÀ¢ðÊÕó§¾ý.¦¸¡ïºì ¸¡ÄÁ¡¸ò¾¡ý Å¡ú쨸 Óý§ÉüÈõ, ¾ý¿õÀ¢ì¨¸ §À¡ýÈ Ñ¡ø¸û ¦ÅÇ¢ÅÃò ¦¾¡¼í¸¢ÔûÇÉ.

«¾¢¸õ «È¢ÂôÀ¼¡¾ ´Õ ÌÈ¢ôÒ ­É¢ ÅÕ¸¢ÈÐ. ®Æò¾¢ø 1960 ¸Ç¢Ä¢ÕóÐ ¾¡ö ¦Á¡Æ¢ì ¸øÅ¢ ¸ð¼¡ÂÁ¡ì¸ô ÀðÎÅ¢ð¼Ð. ­ó¾ ¬¨½ ¿¨¼Ó¨Èô ÀÎò¾ ÓýÀ¡¸§Å, ±øÄ¡ À¡¼º¡¨Ä¸Ùõ «Ãͼ¨Á ¡ì¸ô ÀðÎÅ¢ð¼É.­¾É¡ø ­ó¾­ì ¸øÅ¢Ó¨ÈìÌ  Å¢¾¢Å¢ÄìÌ Á¢¸ì ̨È×.¾Å¢Ã, ¾¡ö ¦Á¡Æ¢ ãÄÁ¡¸§Å Àø¸¨Äì ¸Æ¸ «ÛÁ¾¢ º¡ò¾¢Âõ  ±ýÀ¾¡ø ¬í¸¢Äì ¸øÅ¢ìÌ §ÅÚ Á¡üÚ ÅÆ¢¸û ­Õì¸Å¢ø¨Ä. ¾¡ö ¦Á¡Æ¢ì ¸øÅ¢ ´ôÒì ¦¸¡ûÇô Àð¼Ð. ­Ð ¦À¡È¢Â¢Âø ÁÕòÐÅõ ŢﻡÉõ ¬¸¢Â ±øÄ¡ÅüÈ¢üÌõ ¿¨¼Ó¨Èô ÀÎò¾ô Àð¼Ð. ­¾É¡ø ¾Á¢Æ¢ø º¢ó¾¢ôÀ¾¢ø ÀÃÅÄ¡¸ ´Õ ÁÉô ÀÊÁ¡Éõ ²üÀð¼Ð. ¿¡Ç¢¾ú¸ûܼ «È¢Å¢Âø À¡¼í¸ÙìÌ ÌÈ¢ôÒ¸û ÅÆí¸ ÓüÀð¼É.¯¾¡Ã½Á¡¸, «Âýͨ¾É¢ý º¡÷À¢Âü §¸¡ðÀ¡Î ±ýÉ ±ýÀ¨¾ ¾Á¢Æ¢ø º¢ó¾¢òРŢÇì¸ô ÀÎÅÐ, ÀÃÅÄ¡¸î ¦ºýȨ¼Ôõ ¦À¡ØÐ ¦Á¡Æ¢ ÅÇÁ¨¼¸¢ÈÐ.ÀÊôÀÊ¡¸ ­ôÀÊ  Àø§ÅÚ  Å¢ºÂí¸û ¦ÅÇ¢ÅÕõ ¦À¡ØÐ ¾¡ý  ¸ÕòÐô À¢º¸¡Áø ±ÎòÐì ¦¸¡ñ¼ ±ó¾ ¦Å¡Õ ¾òÐÅò¨¾Ôõ Å¢ÇìÌõ ÀÊÁ¡Éõ ²üÀ¼î º¡ò¾¢Âõ ¯ñÎ.

º¢É¢Á¡, Àò¾¢Ã¢¨¸ ¬¸¢Â °¼¸í¸û,«Ãº¢Âø Âó¾¢Ãõ ±øÄ¡§Á, ¦Àðʸû âð¼¡Áø §Å¸Á¡¸î ¦ºøÖõ âø ±ýº¢ý¸û §À¡ýÚ Á¢¸×õ Á¢Î측¸ò ¾ý¿¢¨È× ¦ÀüÚ, ¾¡í¸û µÎŧ¾ ÓØÓ¾ø §¿¡ì¸Á¡¸ì ¦¸¡ñÎ ­ÂíÌÅÐ ´Õ ²¨Æ ¿¡ð¨¼ ±í§¸ ¦ÂøÄ¡õ ¦¸¡ñÎ ¦ºøÄ ÓÊÔõ?


Á¡¨Å ¸¡ôÀ¢Â¡üÚõ ¸¡ôÀ¢ÂÉ¡÷

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"¾Å¨Ç¸û «½¢Ôõ Ì¢ø Üð¼Óõ ­É¢¨ÁÂ¡É ­­­¨º ±Ð ±ýÀ¨¾Â¢ðÎ ­ýÚŨà š¾¢ðÎì ¦¸¡ñÊÕ츢ýÈÉ"

From: "C K umarabharathy" <bharathy@paradise.net.nz>
To: <tamil@tamil.net>
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 18:23:43 +1200

«ýÒûÇ ­¨½Âõ ¿ñÀ÷¸ÙìÌ Å½ì¸õ!

¾Á¢í¸¢ÄÓõ ¾£ó¾Á¢Øõ ¸ÄóÐ ÅÕõ º¢Ä ÌÈ¢ôÒì¸û.....(5)

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´Õ ¦Á¡Æ¢Â¢ý ÅÇõ ±ýÀÐ ±ýÉ? ¿¡Ç¡ó¾ Å¡ú쨸¢ø ±Øõ À¢Ãɸ¨Ç «Ï¸§Å¡ «ýÈ¢ «Åü¨È ¾£÷ôÀ¾¢§Ä¡ «õ ¦Á¡Æ¢ ´Õ ¸ÕŢ¡¸§Å¡ «¨ÁÔõ Å¢¾ò¨¾§Â º¡÷ó¾¢Õ츢ÈÐ. ­ì ÜüÚìÌ ¬í¸¢Äò¨¾ ´Õ ±ÎòÐì ¸¡ð¼¡¸ ÜÈ¢§Éý. ¦Á¡Æ¢ ÅÇõ ¦ÀÚ¾ø ±ýÀÐ "«È¢× ÀÃÅÄ¡ì¸ô ÀξĢý" ÁÚ¾¨Ä¡Ìõ - «øÄÐ «¾ý Àì¸Å¢¨Ç×¾¡ý ¦Á¡Æ¢ ÅÇõ ±ýÈ ¸Õò¨¾ ¦ºýÈ (4ÅÐ) ±ÉÐ «Ú¨Å¢ø Óý¨Åò§¾ý.¾Á¢ú ¦Á¡Æ¢¨Â ¾É¢Â¡¸î º£Ã¡ðÎÅÐ ±ýÈ ¸ÕòÐ, ´Õ ÌÆó¨¾Â¢ý ´Õ «í¸Á¡¸¢Â ¾¨Ä¨Â ÁðÎõ ÅÇ÷§À¡õ ±ýÚ ºí¸üÀõ ¦ºöÅÐ §À¡ýÈÐ ¾¡ý. ¾¨Ä측¸ º¢Ä ¾É¢ôÀð¼ ÀìÌÅí¸û ­Õì¸Ä¡õ, ¿¡ý «¨¾ì ÌÈ¢ôÀ¢¼Å¢ø¨Ä....

¾¡í¸û Ó¸õ ¦¸¡ÎìÌõ «¨ÈÜÅø¸¨Ç À¢Ãɸ¨Ç ±¾¢÷ ¦¸¡ûÇ ´Õ Ũ¸ ¯û§¿¡ìÌõ ¾ý¨Á §ÅñÊ¢Õ츢ÈÐ. ­Ð ¦Á¡Æ¢ ÀüȢ Ţ¼Âõ Á¡ò¾¢Ãõ «ýÚ. ¾Á¢Æ¢ø ­ó¾ ¯û§¿¡ìÌõ À¡÷¨Å ­ô¦À¡Ø¦¾øÄ¡õ (±øÄ¡ Áð¼í¸Ç¢Öõ¾¡ý)º¡ò¾¢ÂÁ¡¸¡¾ ÀÊ ±ôÀʧ¡ ²üÀ¡¼¡¸¢Å¢ð¼Ð.°¼¸í¸û, «Ãº¢Âø ±ýÀÉÅü¨È ̨ÈÜÚÅÐ ÍÄÀõ.¬É¡ø ­¨Åܼ ­¨¼ôÀð¼ ¸¡Ã½¢¸û¾¡õ.­¨Å ¯ñ¨ÁÂ¡É ¸¡Ã½í¸Ç¡¸ ÓÊ¡Ð.­¨Å¦ÂøÄ¡õ ´ðÎ ¦Á¡ò¾Á¡¸ ­ôÀÊÂ¡É §¾ì¸ ¿¢¨ÄìÌ Åó¾¨Á ¾ü¦ºÂø ¿¢¸ú׸û «øÄ. ­¨Å ´ý¨È ¦Â¡ýÚ º¡÷ó§¾ Å£ú¸¢ýÈÉ, ÅÇ÷¸¢ýÈÉ.

ºÓ¾¡Âì ÌȢ째¡ÇüÈ ÀÊò¾ Áì¸Ç¢Ä¢Õóо¡ý ­ó¾ «È¢Â¡¨Á À¼Õ¸¢ÈÐ ±ýÈ ¸Õò¨¾ ¸ÅÉ¢ì¸ §ÅñÎõ.°¼¸í¸û «Ãº¢Âø ¬¸¢ÂÅüÈ¢ý ¾ý¨Á¸û ÀüȢ Á¾¢ôÒò ¾¡úÅ¡É ¸ÕòÐ ¸ðΨâø º¢Ä ­¼í¸Ç¢ø Å¢ÃŢ¢ÕôÀ¨¾ ÌÈ¢ôÀ¢¼ §ÅñÎõ. ­Ð §Å¸Á¡¸ Óý¦ºøÖõ - fast foward ¯ò¾¢Â¡¸§Å ¨¸Â¡Çô ÀðÊÕ츢ÈÐ.­¨Å ¦ÀÕõ §À¡ì¸¡¸ "Åà Åà ±øÄ¡§Á º£ÃÆ¢óÐ ¦¸¡ñÎ ÅÕ¸¢ÈÐ" ±ýÚ Á¡üÈí¸¨Ç ²üÚì ¦¸¡ûÇ¡¾ ÅƨÁÂ¡É Ã£¾¢Â¢ø ÌÈ¢ôÀ¢¼ô À¼Å¢ø¨Ä.±Åü¨È Áɾ¢ø ¦¸¡ñÎ ­õÓÊ׸û ±Îì¸ô Àð¼É ±ýÀ¾¢ø ¸ÕòÐ §ÅÚÀ¡Î¸û ­Õì¸Ä¡õ. ­ó¾ ÓÊ׸ûܼ À¢¨Æ¡ɨŠ±ýÚõ ÀÄ÷ Å¡¾¢¼Ä¡õ. let v=x­, x ³ ­ôÀÊ ¨Åô§À¡Á¡¸, ±ýÀÐ §À¡ýÚ ¨ÅòÐì ¦¸¡ûÇÄ¡õ. ­ô§À¡¨¾ìÌ ­Åü¨È Å¢ÎòÐ §Å¦È¡Õ ¾¼ò¾¢ý §Áø ¦ºø¸¢§Èý.

´Õ Áì¸û ÌØ Àĸ¡Äõ ´ýÈ¡¸ ¦¸¡ñÎ ¦¸¡ÎòÐ Å¡Øõ ¦À¡ØÐ ¯È× ÓȨÁ¸û ¸ðÎô À¡Î¸û ±É ²üÀðÎ ´Õ ºÓ¾¡ÂÁ¡¸ À⽡Áõ ¦ÀÚ¸¢È¡÷¸û. «ó¾ ºÓ¾¡Âò¾¢üÌ ¸¡Äò¾¢üÌì ¸¡Äõ ¦ÅǢ¢ĢÕóÐ ÅÕõ «¨ÈÜÅø¸¨Ç ºó¾¢ìÌõ ¦À¡ØÐ §¾º¢Â ¯½÷× §¾¡ýÚ¸¢ÈÐ.«ó¾ ¯½÷Å¢ý ¸£ú ´ýÚÀðÎ «½¢¾¢ÃûÅÐõ ÅƨÁ.­¨Å¦ÂøÄ¡õ «ó¾î ºã¸ò¾¢üÌ ´Õ ÁÃÀ¡¸ ¸¡Äô §À¡ì¸¢ø ²üÀθ¢ÈÐ.´Õ À¢Ã§¾ºò¾¢ø Å¡úž¢ø «ó¾ Áñϼý «ò¾¢Âó¾ ¯È× ²üÀθ¢ÈÐ. ­ó¾ Ũ¸Â¢§Ä§Â ¾Á¢ú «À¢Á¡Éõ «øÄÐ ¾Á¢ú §¾º¢Âõ ­Õ츢ÈÐ. ¾Á¢ú §ÀÍõ Áì¸ÙìÌ ¦À¡ÕÇ¡¾¡Ã «Ãº¢Âø ¦¿Õì¸Ê §¾¡ýÚõ ¦À¡ØÐ ­ù×½÷׸û §Á§Ä¡í¸¢ §À¡Ã¢ø «½¢¾¢Ãû¸¢§È¡õ. ­ôÀÊÂ¡É ¯½÷× §Ã¨¸¸û ±ýÉ¢ø µÎ¸¢ÈÐ.­¨¾ô ÀüȢ ÀâÁ¡½í¸¨Ç À¡÷òÐ «Åü¨È «¾ý «¾ý Áð¼ò¾¢ø ¬üÚô ÀÎò¾ §ÅñÎõ. ­ó¾¢Â §¾º¢ÂÓõ ­ù Ũ¸ô Àð¼Ð¾¡ý. 19,20õ Ñ¡üÈ¡ñÊø ²üÀð¼ ;ó¾¢Ãô §À¡Ã¡ð¼ò¾¢ý ÅÃÄ¡Ú ­ó¾ §¾º¢Âò¾¢üÌ °üÚ.

ÌØ ¯½÷× ±ýÈÇÅ¢ø, ­¾í¸û º¡¾¢¨Â §º÷ó¾Å÷¸ÙìÌ ¯Ã¢¨Á ÁÚì¸ô ÀÎŨ¾ì ¸ñÎ º¡¾¢Â¢ý «½¢Â¢ø ¾¢ÃñÎ À¡Ð¸¡ôÒ §¾ÎÅÐõ, ¯½÷ÅÇÅ¢ø ­ó¾¢Â §¾º¢Âõ, ¾Á¢ú §¾º¢Âõ §À¡ýÚ ´§Ã ¾Çò¨¾î §º÷ó¾Ð¾¡ý.´ý¨È "ÌõÀ¢Ô½÷×" gutfeel ±É ̨ÈòÐõ ÁüȨ¾ ¯Â÷ó¾ ¿¢¨Ä¢ø ²üÈ¢ ÒÉ¢¾Á¡ÉÐ sublime ±ýÚ Åº¾¢ì¸¡¸ §ÅñÎÁ¡É¡ø ÜÈÄ¡õ, ¬É¡ø ¯ñ¨Á¢ø À¡÷ò¾¡ø «ÅüÈ¢ý ¯½÷× °üÚ¸û «ñ½ý ¾õÀ¢¾¡ý.Àò¾¢ÃÁ¢ý¨Á, ÀÂõ, ­Åü¨È ¦ÅüÈ¢Ô¼ý ¸¼ó¾ ¾Õ½í¸û ­ÅüÈ¢ø «Ê¿¡¾Á¡¸ «¨Á¸¢ÈÐ.

ÒÉ¢¾õ ±ýÈ ÜüÚ, Ãò¾õ §ºÚ º¸¾¢¸¨Ç ¸¼óÐ Åó¾ À¢ýÒ ºÃ¢ò¾¢ÃÁ¡¸¢Â À¢ýÒ «ó¾ì ¸¡Ä-Сà ­¨¼¦ÅÇ¢ìÌ ¿¡Á¡¸ì ¦¸¡Îò¾ ¦ÀÚÁ¡Éõ ±ý§È ±ñ½ò §¾¡ýÚ¸¢ÈÐ.§À¡Ãð¼ò¾¢ø ÁÊó¾Å÷¸¨Ç ¿¢¨É× ÜÕõ ¦À¡ØÐ ±Øõ ¯½÷¸û ±í¸ÙìÌô ÒÉ¢¾Á¡É¨Å¡¸Ä¡õ.§À¡üÚõ Ũ¸Â¢ø "ÒÉ¢¾õ" ±ýÚ ¸üÀ¢¾õ ¦ºö¸¢§È¡õ. «§¾ ºÁÂõ, ¿¡í¸û §À¡Ã¡ð¼ò¾¢Ä¢ÕóÐ À¡Ð¸¡ôÀ¡É СÃò¾¢üÌ ÅóРŢ𧼡õ ±ýÈ ¯½÷×õ ±í¸Ç¢ø µ¼¡ÁÄ¢ø¨Ä!. ¬É¡ø «ýÚ ºÃ¢ò¾¢Ãõ ¿¼óÐ ¦¸¡ñÊÕó¾ ¸Çò¾¢ø ÌõÀ¢Ô½÷§Å Ãò¾ì ¸¨ÈÔ¼ý ӾĢ¼õ Ÿ¢ò¾¢Õ츢ÈÐ.

´Õ §¾º¢Âõ §À¡Ãð¼ò¾¢ø ®ÎÀθ¢È ¦¾ýÈ¡ø «¾üÌ «¨ÈÜÅø ²üÀðÊÕ츢ÈÐ ±ýÈ¡¸¢ÈÐ.¦¿Õì¸Ê ²üÀÎõ ºó¾÷ôÀõ Ýú¿¢¨Ä¸¨Ç ¦À¡ÚòÐ «ó¾ó¾ Ũ¸ §¾º¢Âõ Å£Ú ¦¸¡ñ¦¼Ø¸¢ýÈÐ, ¬É¡ø  ­ÅüÈ¢ý ±Ã¢¦À¡Õû fuel  ´§Ã ¯½÷× °üÚò¾¡ý.  ­¾¢ø ¯Â÷ó¾Ð ¾¡úó¾Ð ±ÉÀ¦¾øÄ¡õ ÍõÁ¡ ´Õ §¾¡Ã¨½ì¸¡¸ ±ýÚ¾¡ý Àθ¢ÈÐ."¬¡ «ñ½ø ±í§¸,À¸òº¢í ±í§¸, ­Å÷¸û ã¨Ä¢ø ­ÕôÀÅ÷¸û ±í§¸" ±ýÀ¦¾øÄ¡õ ¿¡Á¡¸ ²üÀÎò¾¢ì ¦¸¡ñ¼Ð¾¡ý.À¡¼ôÒò¾¸í¸û š¢ġ¸ «È¢Ó¸Á¡¸¢ °¼¸í¸Ç¡ø ÅÇ÷ì¸ô Àð¼ «ñ½ø ¸¡ó¾¢Â¢ý À¢õÀí¸¨Ç ¦¸¡ñÎ ±øÄ¡Åü¨ÈÔõ «ÇÅ¢¼ ÓÊ¡Ð. ºÁ¸¡Ä §À¡Ã¡ð¼í¨Ç Å¢Çí¸ ÓÊ¡Ð.±ø§Ä¡ÕìÌõ Á¸¡òÁ¡ì¸û Å¡öôÀ¾¢ø¨Ä. Ó츢ÂÁ¡¸ ÁÉ¢¾ý ÀÂÁ¢ýÈ¢ ´Õ Àò¾¢ÃÁ¡É ¯½÷×¼ý Å¡ÆÓÊÂÅ¢ø¨Ä ­±ýÈ Å¢¼Âõ¾¡ý ­íÌ ¸ÅÉ¢ì¸ô À¼§ÅñÎõ.

"º¡¾¢¸û ­ø¨Ä" ±ýÚ ´Õ ¯Â÷ó¾ ¸Õò¨¾ ÜÚž¡ø À¡Ã¾¢Ô¼ý À¡ò¾¢Â¨¾ ¦¸¡ñ¼¡¼Ä¡õ¾¡ý.¬É¡ø ÅȢ ¸¢Ã¡Á Áì¸ÙìÌ ­îº¡¾¢ ´Õ «ò¾¢Â¡Åº¢ÂÁ¡É «¨¼Â¡ÇÁ¡¸¢ Ţ𼧾, «Å÷¸û À¡Ð¸¡ô§À ­ó¾ «½¢¾¡ý ±ýÛõ ¿¢¨ÄìÌ ¾ûÇô ÀðÊÕô¾¡¸ «Å÷¸û ¿¢¨É츢ȡ÷¸û.

­ó¾¢Â §¾º£Âò¾¢ý ¦Áý¨ÁÂ¡É Áì¸û Ó¸õ Á¸¡òÁ¡ ¸¡ó¾¢.ºÃ¡ºÃ¢ ­ó¾¢Âý ­ÂøÀ¡¸ ²üÚì ¦¸¡ûÇÜÊ À¡ó¾õ «¾¢ø ­Õ츢ÈÐ.  º¡¾¡Ã½¨É «ó¿¢Âô ÀÎò¾¡¾ «ÅÃÐ Å¡ú쨸 ¦¿È¢ ­¾üÌ ¸¡Ã½õ.­¾É¡ø ­ÅÃÐ À¼í¸û ¸¡Åø ¿¢¨ÄÂí¸Ç¢Öõ, «Ãº ¿¢ÚÅÉí¸Ç¢Öõ º¢Ã¢ì¸¢ÈÐ. ´Õ ¿õÀ¸ò ¾ý¨Á¨Â «Ãº ­Âó¾¢Ãí¸ÙìÌ ²üÀÎò¾¢ ¦¸¡Î츢ÈÐ. Óó¨¾Â Á¼Ä¢ø,¸¡Åø ¿¢¨ÄÂí¸Ç¢Öõ «Ãº ¿¢ÚÅÉí¸Ç¢Öõ ÅÚ¨Áì §¸¡ðÎìÌ ¸£ØûÇ Áì¸û ¦ÀÚõ ¿£¾¢¨Â ÀüÈ¢ ÌÈ¢ôÀ¢ðÊÕó§¾ý.­ó¾ §À¡ì¸¢ø ¦ºýÚ ¦¸¡ñÊÕó¾¡ø, Áì¸û ­ó¾ ¦Áý¨ÁÂ¡É §¾º¢Âò¨¾ ¦¾¡¼÷óÐ ²üÚì ¦¸¡ûÅ¡÷¸§Ç¡ ¦¾Ã¢ÂÅ¢ø¨Ä.¾Ä¢òиǢý ¯¾¡Ã½ ÁÉ¢¾É¡¸ «õ§Àò¸¡÷ ²üÚì ¦¸¡ûÇô ÀðÊÕ츢ȡ÷.­ó¾ò §¾º¢Âò¾¢ý ÁÚÀì¸ Ó¸õ áÏÅ ­Âó¾¢Ãõ. ¯û¿¡ðÎ ÌÆôÀí¸Ç¢ø áÏÅõ «¾¢¸Á¡¸ô ÀÂý ÀÎò¾ ÀðÎ ÅÕÅÐ ­ó¾¢Â¡ ¯ðÀ¼ ÀÄ ÅÇ÷ Ó¸ ¿¡Î¸Ç¢ø ´Õ «Ãº¢Âø «Åº¢ÂÁ¡¸¢ ÅÕ¸¢ÈÐ.

´Õ ¦ÁÄ¢¾¡É ºÁýÀ¡Î¸Ç¢ý Áò¾¢Â¢ø ­ó¾ò §¾º¢Âí¸û  21õ Ñ¡üÈ¡ñ¨¼ ±ðÊ ôÀ¡÷츢ýÈÉ.§º¡Å¢Âò äÉ¢Âý ´Õ ¦Äɢɢý «È¢×Ü÷ Ó¸òмÛõ «Ã¢Å¡û Íò¾¢Ô¼Ûõ ´Õ Ũ¸ §¾º¢Âò¨¾ ¯ÄÌìÌ ¯Ú¾¢Â¡¸ ¸¡ðÊì ¦¸¡ñÊÕó¾Ð. «¦Áâ측¨Åì ܼ ÀÂôÀÎò¾¢ì ¦¸¡ñÊÕó¾Ð.­­ó¾ ¯Ú¾¢ Å¡öó¾ «ò¾¢Å¡Ãò¾¢ø ¸ð¼ô À𼾡¸ ¿õÀô Àð¼ ¦Àâ §¾º¢ÂõÜ º¢Ä ÅÕ¼í¸Ç¢ø ±í¸û ¸ñ Óý ºðɢ¡¸¢ ¸¨ÄóРŢð¼Ð. ­¾¢ø «¦Áâì¸÷ ¸ÙìÌò¾¡ý «¾¢¸ Å¢ÂôÒ.

ÁÉ¢¾É¢ý À¡Ð¸¡ôÒ ±ýÈ «Êô À¨¼Â¢ø §¾º¢Âí¸û ²üÀðÊÕ츢ýÈÉ. «§¾ ¸¡Ã½ò¾¡ø À¢È¢¦¾¡Õ ¸ð¼ò¾¢ø «¨Å ¸É×ì Üð¼Á¡¸ ¸¨ÄóÐõ §À¡Â¢Õ츢ýÈÉ.¸¡Äò¾¢ý §¾¨Å 째üÀ ­¨Å Á¡üÈ¢ ÅÌì¸ô Àθ¢ýÈÉ.ÁÉ¢¾¨É ´ýÈ¢¨½òÐ ºã¸Á¡¸ Óý§ÉÚõ ¦À¡ØÐ «¨Å ÒÉ¢¾õ ±ýÈ Å¨¸Â¢ø Á¾¢ì¸ô ÀðÊÕ츢ýÈÉ. ÁÉ¢¾¨É ¦¾¡ó¾Ã×ìÌ ¯ûǡ츢 Á¡¼¡ìÌõ ¦À¡ØÐ «¨Å Òñ½¡ì¸¡¸¢ Ţθ¢ýÈÉ.

­ó¾ À¡Ð¸¡ôÒ ¯½÷× ¾Å¢÷ó¾ §ÅÚ ÀâÁ¡½í¸û "§¾º¢Âí¸û, ¾Á¢ú «À¢Á¡Éõ" ¬¸¢ÂÅüÈ¢üÌ ¯ñ¼¡? ­Õì¸Ä¡õ ³Â¡! ¬É¡ø ¦¾Ã¢Å¨¾§Â ӾĢø ºÁ¡Ç¢ì¸ ÓÊÂÅ¢ø¨Ä º¡Á£.

­Åü¨È ¿¡ý ±Øи¢§Èý ±ýÀ¨¾ ¾Å¢Ã §ÅÚ ÀÄý ¯ñ§¼¡ «È¢§Âý. ÒÄõ ¦ÀÂ÷ó¾ ¦ÀÂá¾,¾Á¢Æ÷¸û Áò¾¢Â¢ø ­ôÀÊ ¬Å¢Â¡ö «¨ÄÔõ ¸ÕòÐì¸û ÀÄ. ÀÄ À¢ÃɸÙìÌ Å¢¨¼ ¸¡½ ¡Õõ ±í¸¨Ç ÅüÒÚòО¢ø¨Ä ±ÉÀÐ ¯ñ¨Á ¾¡ý.­Õó¾¡Öõ ­Åü¨È º¢ó¾¢ôÀ¾¢ø º¢Ä ÁÉò¾¨¼¸û «¨Á¾¢Â¨¼¸¢ýÈÉ.

À¡Ä¡¨Åì §¸ðÎô À¡Õí¸û. ´Õ ÀÊò¾ º£É ­Éò¾Å÷ ºÃ¡ºÃ¢Â¡¸ ¸Ä¡îº¡Ãõ ÀüÈ¢ §ÀÍžüÌ ±ùÅÇ× §¿Ãõ ´ÐìÌÅ¡÷ ±ýÚ. ±í¸Ç¡ø ­ó¾ «ì¸ô §À¡¨Ã ¿¢Úò¾ ÁÉ ¯¨Çîºø¸û ŢΞ¢ø¨Ä. ­¨¾Ôõ ¦¸¡ïºõ ¸ÅÉò¾¢ø ¦¸¡ûÇ §ÅñÎõ.


Á¡¨Å ¸¡ôÀ¢Â¡üÚõ ¸¡ôÀ¢ÂÉ¡÷

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"Black holes are where God divided by zero"